About Us

T.R. Herp is a family owned and operated herpetoculture facility located in Central Florida. Our mission is to exercise our commitment to sustainable and responsible herpetoculture. Through the process of continuous learning we strive to produce the finest specimens available to hobbyists and professionals. We are dedicated to strict standards and attention to detail to ensure that every animal that leaves our facility has is healthy and thriving.


Captive Breeding

There is no denying that acquiring captive bred animals is the best option for most keepers. We have focused on breeding various species of Uroplatus Leaf Tail geckos and Trioceros (montane) chameleons for just this purpose. All of our animals are bred and raised in our facility from unrelated captive bred or field collected parents to ensure genetic diversity.


Field Collected Specimens

T.R. Herp has developed relationships with multiple import and export industry leaders. We occasionally bring in animals direct from their source countries and pass these on to other breeders or zoological instituions. Please check back for further details on upcoming shipments.



In addition to importing and breeding certain species, T.R. Herp also specializes in procurement services for zoological institutions. Our successful acclimation process ensures only thriving specimens are sent, reducing losses and minimizing quarantine stress. We currently maintain relationships with multiple AZA institutions and can provide references upon request.